The conclusion to Capitol Submission is out!!!


Part 4 of the new 4-book series full of hot filthy Washington D.C. political intrigue

Terissa Ivers isn’t much of a hotshot anymore. Not only has she lost both her job at a prestigious D.C. firm and her gig as the President’s private attorney, new information that triggers a murder spins her world around again.

Terissa must find a way to save the man who has taken such sweet control of her desires and fantasies, freeing him from his enemies so they can again experience the dirty filthy things they love to do together.

But it’s going to take a plan and the ability to marshal resources that can win against a global conspiracy, a despotic Senator, and a race against time before a nuclear bomb goes off in an American city.

Mature content. 18+ only. Book 4 of a 4-book series.



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Capitol Submission 3 is now available!


Book Three of a new filthy 4-book series full of political scandal and hot steamy fun!

D.C. attorney Terissa Ivers suddenly finds herself the center of national attention as she accepts an offer by the President of the United States that changes her life instantly.

And even though the hot sexy encounters with her dominant commander continue, Terissa’s world falls apart around her. She soon discovers that she is the only person who can save the President from the evil organization Solvane… while also preventing a nuclear bomb from destroying an American city and bringing home twenty-one captured U.S. soldiers.

Mature content. 18+ only. Book 3 of a 4-book series.

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Capitol Submission 2 is LIVE!!!


D.C. is heating up.

Against her better judgment, attorney Terissa Ivers continues her hot encounters with the powerful man whose face she has never seen.

Meanwhile, President Harrison Pierce is confronted with a new threat. Somebody in Washington wants to prevent him from rescuing twenty-one captured soldiers…and frame him for the murder of the previous President.

What began as filthy steamy delight quickly becomes a life-or-death spy game, forcing Terissa to confront the identity of her secret lover.

Mature content. 18+ only. Book 2 of a 3-book series.


Capitol Submission: Book One is now available!


Book One of a new dirty filthy four-book series by Skylar Cross


I recognized you the moment our eyes met in the dark room with the velvet curtains at the club. 

By day, you’re in charge of the world. You’ve worked hard to get where you are. 

You’re in demand, responsible, and people depend on you. You’re good at what you do, and you know it. 

But I know your secret. 

Here in this dark room you can let go of all that. 

Here with me you are free. 

Free to feel the longings deep inside you. 

Free to be commanded, controlled, and driven to submission. 


Nobody will ever know. 

It’s our little secret. 

I won’t tell anyone how it turns you on when you submit to my natural ability to dominate, the dirty filthy words that excite you and cause you to breathe faster, and the little squeals of pleasure you make when I insist you obey me. 

It’s why you continue to meet me…despite your professional career, your upbringing, and your logical mind. 

Face it. 

You’re addicted to me. 

Now acknowledge me the way I taught you and follow my command. 

* * * 

Hotshot D.C. Attorney Terissa Ivers has two huge problems. 

First, her new client has uncovered information that may implicate the new, single, and very hot 37-year old President of the United States in the tragic assassination of the previous President and First Lady. 

Second, Terissa can’t stop herself from giving in to submissive encounters with a mysterious dirty-talking dominant man whose face she has never seen…a man with a dark secret and a very high position in the U.S. Government. 

Mature content. 18+ only.


Blaze: The Stark Affair Book 3 is now available


Book 3 of the 4-book series The Stark Affair

Is Colton Stark a criminal? What is the Talon Group? Can he be trusted?

These are Sofia’s questions as she continues to investigate the man who dominates her sexually in sessions of hot steamy delight.

Tensions mount in the Miami-Dade Police Department as Sofia also gets closer to discovering the identity of the rat. Her boss pressures her to turn up the heat on Colton with new disturbing evidence that makes Sofia cringe.

Torn between her duty as a cop and her ever-growing feelings for him, Sofia soon discovers the evidence she needs to put him away… but in doing so, she also finds Colton Stark’s hidden secret.

A secret that could end everything for both of them.

Mature content. 18+ only.

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Flame: The Stark Affair Book 2 is now available!


Book 2 of the 4-book series The Stark Affair

Sofia is getting closer to uncovering the dark truth about Colton Stark, but she is torn between her duty as a police officer and her own overwhelming attraction to him.

What begins as a boxing date quickly becomes an exercise in futility as an all-consuming flame ignites. Sofia finds herself giving in to Colton’s dirty filthy dominance.

As she attempts to stay focused on her assignment, Sofia fights a losing battle against her primal urges and ever-growing feelings for this criminal with the power to seduce her with such raw abandon.

Tension is also high at work. There is a rat on the police force and Sofia begins to suspect who it is, placing her life in danger.

Colton Stark has his own set of problems. When he learns some ugly information about the Chairman of the Board who rules his life, he decides to act.

But his decisions… including his devotion to the secret Talon Group… may get him and Sofia killed.

Mature content. 18+ only.

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Heat: The Stark Affair Book 1 is now available!


Book 1 of the 4-book series The Stark Affair by Skylar Cross

Colton Stark is filthy rich. A billionaire playboy who drives fast and plays hard, he enjoys an endless stream of party girls at the South Beach nightclub he owns.

But behind his chiseled face and tall muscular frame, Colton Stark is a man with a secret. Not only is he on Miami-Dade Police Department’s list of suspected narcotics traffickers, his devotion to the mysterious Talon Group is leading him to a fateful and permanent decision.

Tough girl cop Sofia grew up on the mean streets of Miami, unafraid to kick anyone’s ass. When asked to investigate Colton, she doesn’t even consider it a challenge.

Until she comes face-to-face with his penetrating blue eyes.

After a steamy meeting, Sofia finds herself playing a dangerous but sexy game with her own principles.

Mature content. 18+ only.

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Cover Reveal: The Stark Affair

Coming soon, a new steamy series…


Book 1: HEAT

by Skylar Cross

Colton Stark is filthy rich. A billionaire playboy who drives fast and plays hard, he enjoys  an endless stream of party girls… at his mansion, on his yacht, and in his private jet.
He’s also top of Miami-Dade Police Department’s list of suspected narcotics traffickers.
Tough girl cop Sofia grew up on the mean streets of Miami, unafraid to kick anyone’s ass. When asked to investigate Colton, she doesn’t even consider it a challenge.
Until she comes face-to-face with Colton Stark’s penetrating blue eyes.
After a steamy meeting at his South Beach club, Sofia finds herself playing a dangerous but sexy game with her own principles. As evidence mounts of Colton Stark’s dirty dealings, together they spark a bonfire of passionate heat.
Mature content. 18+ only.

Release date: Wednesday, October 22, 2014

And here’s the cover…



Cover design by: Letitia Hasser at R.B.A. Designs

The Cage Sessions: Complete Box Set is now available!

The Cage Sessions: Complete Box Set is released!

Cage Sessions 3d

The Cage Sessions series is now available as a COMPLETE boxed set!

All five books together (plus a BONUS prequel!) in one HOT and STEAMY bundle!

Annika is a reporter for, a struggling web magazine. Damien Cage is rock star frontman for the Platinum-selling band Eon Sphinx.

When her boss sends Annika to interview Damien at his Biscayne Bay estate, she can’t believe it. Now 22 and trying to find her path in life, Annika struggles to let go of her strict religious upbringing. She yearns to be sexually free, enjoying all that life has to offer.

Just turned 30, Damien Cage is surrounded by beautiful girls. But none of them are on his level. Disillusioned and jaded after a heartbreaking tragedy, he has quit his band in search of something more meaningful out of life.

When Annika and Damien meet, sparks fly. The steam between them is hotter than the Florida sunshine.

What follows is a whirlwind story of sexual awakenings, experimentation, and intense passion. Damien must learn to let go of his previous love Marcellina and become the inspiration he wants to be. Annika must learn to let go of her fears and become a strong woman who makes her own decisions.

Neither can do it without the other.

Includes the prequel Tattered Angel.

Mature content 18+ only.

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Announcement: The Stark Affair

Just want to let you know I’m hard at work on HEAT, Book 1 of my new series THE STARK AFFAIR. It releases on October 22.

This one is going to be EXTRA HOT! I suggest oven mitts and fireproof panties when ordering.

Right on its heels will be Book 2 FLAME releasing on October 29 for 99 cents.

Here are some tasty tidbits:

  • Colton Stark, a chiseled blue-eyed billionaire who usually gets any girl he wants. (Think David Gandy. Yum.)
  • Sofia Martinez-Vallejos, tough Miami cop who is sent to find out why he is stealing money from his own company. Billionaire playboys do NOT impress her. (Think Michelle Rodriguez. Yum.)
  • Sofia is in a relationship with pretty but ditzy Kristy, but can’t help fantasizing about Colton Stark when she sees a picture of his eyes.
  • Colton’s life is controlled by others… by his company’s Board of Directors and by his devotion to a secret organization that prevents him from flipping his Bentley at 120mph in the Everglades out of sheer frustration.
  • When Sofia goes to Colton’s South Beach club Heat, he sees her from across the room. At that moment…
  • A burning flame SPARKS!

Get ready for some steamy and sultry HEAT!

In the meantime, TATTERED ANGEL releases as a prequel to THE CAGE SESSIONS on October 2. Then, THE CAGE SESSIONS BOX SET comes out on October 7.

Watch for THE STARK AFFAIR cover reveal soon!